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Slavoljub Eduard Penkala

Can you remember the last time you used a pen? Well it might have been some time ago but in the past people used them every single day. All thanks to - the person seat in front of you, Eduard Slavoljub Penkala - the inventor of the mechanical pen.
Penkala was born in the 19th st inSlovakia but had lived in Zagreb most of his life, where he opened his workshop. Penkala had a wide range of interests. He started producing the first laundry detergent, he built the first airplane in Croatia, and since his daughter didn’t like to brush her teeth Penkala invented - the mechanical rotating toothbrush. He patented a thermophore and was the first to start producing and recording voices of an opera singer on vinyl records, right here on this street.

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Still, his biggest success came when he invented the mechanical pen. He sent only ten sample pens to different sellers around Europe and had gotten 100 000 orders! Penkala built a pen manufacturing company in Zagreb, which soon became one of the largest in Europe and distributed pens to 70 countries around the world. Even today, in Croatian language a pen is called simply - penkala, after the great innovator.

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Sit & Meet is a project in Zagreb that includes unique walking tours where you can meet Croatian innovators and geniuses for a coffee, along with seeing all the famous city sights.

Through the Sit & Meet project, you can learn everything about the Croatian coffee culture and meet the Croatian innovators, explorers, and other famous people who made an impact on the world.

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