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I gave Einstein his ideas.

Oh traveler, take a minute to look around yourself. Notice an old town gate with an unusual ball with spikes atop its roof. Found it? Ahhh there it is.
This gate is known as the Stone Gate and it was built in the 13th century. In medieval and early modern times people of Zagreb, same as Europe lived in a world of witches and magic. Or at least - they believed so. Witch-hunts were a common everyday thing. Anyone could be accused of practicing witchcraft, either to prosper or hurt others. Yet the target of prosecution were mostly women.

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In the Zagreb City Museum exists a list of 150 names of people that were executed after being accused of practicing witchcraft, but the real number of victims is way higher. The most common way of executing witches was by burning them at the stake. Hundreds of innocent people died in flames. The witch-hunts happened in Zagreb from the 14th until the 18th century.

The spiky ball atop of the Stone Gate is an actual witch hunter which prevented witches from entering the town while flying on their brooms. Or at least people believed so.
In front of you is a gentleman deep in his thoughts.

His name is Ruđer Bošković, a physicist, mathematician and philosopher who was born in Dubrovnik in the 18th century. Bošković was a member of nine science academies - among others the ones in Paris, Bologna and the Royal Society in London. His capital work is the Theory of Natural Philosophy, in which he predicted that all the matter in the world consists of subatomic particles that have both attractive and repulsive forces.

Due to lack of technology his theory was confirmed only 200 years later, in the 20th century, and today those subatomic particles are known as quarks. Bošković was a universal mind way ahead of his time and surely one of the greatest visionaries in physics of all time. After all, one crater on the Moon was named after him.

And there you have it, in the 18th century some people predicted the scientific facts of the 20th century while others were still stuck in the dark ages, in the world of witch-hunts and magic.

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