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Please picture: The air - filled with smoke. Thunder of cannons - unbearable. The wall - breached. The end is near. Time has come. Nikola Šubić Zrinski mounted his horse. His men gathered around him. The last few. Exhausted and worn out after a month-long siege but not scared, never scared. Zrinski raised his saber and As the gate opened he led his men into the final attack. Guns blazing, swords slashing, they forced their way out of the fortress and into the huge Turkish army. It took two bullets to the chest and an arrow to the head for Zrinski to fall off his horse. Minutes later it was all over, the defender's heroic last charge ended in bloodshed. The Turks have taken the fortress.

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The event depicted happened in 1566 during the siege of Szigetvar in Hungary. The vast Ottoman army of over 100.000 men, led by sultan Suleiman The Magnificent was on their conquest of Vienna. On their way lay the fortress of Szigetvar with merely 3000 men and their commander, Croatian general Nikola Šubić Zrinski, the person sitting in front of you. The siege lasted for a month, and Turks suffered heavy losses. The sultan himself died, but the fact was kept secret so as not to shatter the troop’s morale.

On the day of the final battle, it was obvious that the walls wouldn't hold any longer, so the defenders, led by Zrinski himself, decided to go for the last heroic attack..The fortress was lost but, due to heavy casualties, the Ottoman advances were stopped and Vienna was never reached and thus saved. The heroes didn’t die in vain!

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Sit & Meet is a project in Zagreb that includes unique walking tours where you can meet Croatian innovators and geniuses for a coffee, along with seeing all the famous city sights.

Through the Sit & Meet project, you can learn everything about the Croatian coffee culture and meet the Croatian innovators, explorers, and other famous people who made an impact on the world.

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