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Maestro Puccini himself celebrated my Tosca.

Ahhh opera, the ultimate art form. Opera expresses pure emotion and for centuries opera singers were considered to be the creme de la creme of music artists. Right next to you, in house number six is the Croatian Music Institute - the oldest music institution in Croatia. Many timeless artists performed in the Institute, like Franz Listz, Sviatoslav Richter and Richard Strauss, just to name a few. Milka Trnina - the lady sitting in front of you worked here as an honorary professor. She started her career as an opera singer here, in - Zagreb.

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She was young and determined to succeed. Soon her career took off. The greatest opera houses in the world became Trnina’s stage. Metropolitan Opera in New York, Royal Opera House in London, State Opera in Munich, Milka Trnina conquered the opera world. Her soprano voice delighted the crowds. Giacomo Puccini, author of Tosca, witnessed her performance and claimed that no one ever sung Tosca better than her.

Interestingly, the story says that a huge admirer of Trnina was Carl Russ-Suchard, a chocolate manufacturer who named the world famous purple chocolate Milka after her. So next time you enjoy a piece of chocolate, remember that being persistent in what you love is the best way to fulfill your dreams. Just like Milka Trnina did!

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Through the Sit & Meet project, you can learn everything about the Croatian coffee culture and meet the Croatian innovators, explorers, and other famous people who made an impact on the world.

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