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Have you ever been to China?

People call me the world's greatest traveler who discovered China. I admite, I was quite adventurous. Do you want to find out more about me?


Book one of the Sit & Meet guided or self-guided tours, see all of the main sights in Zagreb and meet the great Croats who influenced the world with their innovations and achievements.

PRIZE GAME - Book our self-guided tour and win a prize after you find all 13 great Croats!

Check out the details about the prize game on our main page!

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About the project

Sit & Meet is a project in Zagreb that includes unique walking tours where you can meet Croatian innovators and geniuses for a coffee, along with seeing all the famous city sights.

Through the Sit & Meet project, you can learn everything about the Croatian coffee culture and meet the Croatian innovators, explorers, and other famous people who made an impact on the world.

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