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Unlock Zagreb's Charm: 5 Reasons to Choose the Sit & Meet Walking Tour

Zagreb, a city located in the heart of Croatia, offers its visitors a rich content when it comes to history, culture, art and entertainment. When it comes to exploring the city's true essence, there's no better way than to take a leisurely stroll through its streets.

By exploring on your own, you can miss a lot of interesting stories and anecdotes behind cultural landmarks, streets, churches and other attractions. Today, everything can be found on online resources, but the experience of getting to know a city with a local is priceless. When it comes to truly experiencing the soul of a city, few things compare to the intimate exploration offered by a walking tour with a local guide.

Zagreb offers a large number of different experiences for visitors, from walking tours, cycling tours, free walking tours, food tours, themed tours and more. Sit & Meet represents an innovative and unique project through which you can experience Zagreb through the people who lived and created on the territory of Croatia.

The Sit & Meet project was born out of the desire to enrich the tourist offer of the city of Zagreb, and to educate foreign and domestic visitors in a fun way about Croats who have indebted the world to their inventions, achievements and discoveries. The sculptures that are part of the project were made especially for this purpose, by young and renowned artists.

As part of the project, a large number of walking tours are organized that provide a unique approach to getting to know the city, through not only the attractions, but also the Croats who have achieved something unimaginable in such a small country.

In this article, we will list 5 reasons why you should choose the Sit & Meet walking tour during your visit to the city of Zagreb.

1. Sit & Meet is an addition to the standard city tour

Sit & Meet is not only about the great Croats, its also about getting to know the city of Zagreb. The project is just an addition to the standard city tour. All Sit & Meet sculptures are located on the terraces of cafes, in very attractive locations in the very center of the city. In this way, while visiting the sculptures, you also visit all the most important cultural attractions in Zagreb.

Your Sit & Meet guide will meet you near the Zagreb Cathedral where the first sculpture is located, and he will walk you through Dolac, Tkalčićeva street and the historic districts of the Upper town. From the Upper Town you will descend with the famous Funicular, which is also one of the shortest Funiculars in the world.

In between sightseeing, you meet the great Croats along the way when you stumble upon them at the terraces of the cafe bars. You will also visit the main squares, Ban Jelačić and Flower square, and if you choose the Sit & Meet long walking tour, you will walk by the Croatian National Theatre, visit the Zrinjevac park and walk all to the King Tomislav square, where you will find the last Sit & Meet sculpture.

Every step of the Sit & Meet tour will give you the experience of getting to know the city's architecture, tradition, and cultural heritage. From the medieval marvels of the Upper Town to the dynamic energy of the Lower Town, every step reveals a piece of Zagreb's captivating story, along with meeting the great Croats who influenced the world with the innovations, discoveries and achievements.

2. Sit & Meet will educate you in a fun way

Sit & Meet walking tours give you the opportunity to educate yourself in a fun way. Not every educational tour needs to be boring, where you just listen and try to remember a huge amount of information. Sit & Meet provides an interactive approach for participants of the walking tour where they can sit next to each great Croat at the table, drink coffee with him and take photos. Sit & Meet that way provides an engaging experience, combining learning with entertainment.

The Sit & Meet self-guided tour includes an even more fun aspect, where every person who buys a self-guided tour has a chance to participate in the Sit & Meet prize game. By purchasing the self-guided tour, you get 14 audio guides and a map with all the locations of the sculptures. Tour participants are required to find all of the great Croats, take pictures with them and publish one picture on social media. That way, participants can win one of the Sit & Meet souvenirs.

The self-guided tour encourages travelers to actively explore and discover the city of Zagreb. Such interactive elements add an element of excitement and friendly competition, making the tour enjoyable for participants of all ages. All information about the Sit & Meet prize game can be found on the self-guided web page.

3. Sit & Meet will guide you through the Croatian coffee culture

In Croatia, coffee is not just a drink; it's a cherished cultural institution that brings people together and serves as a symbol of hospitality and friendship. The Croatian coffee culture is a blend of tradition, social connection, and the art of savoring every sip.

Coffee in Croatia is not rushed; it's a leisurely affair meant to be savored and enjoyed in the company of others. Croatian cafés represent vibrant social hubs where people gather to relax, work, or engage in lively conversations while enjoying every sip of their favorite beverage.

The Sit & Meet project revolves around the Croatian culture of drinking coffee, and the project promotes that culture. Sit & Meet sculptures are placed in 13 cafe bars in a sitting position, with the aim of allowing visitors to sit next to the great Croats while enjoying their coffee.

By purchasing any of the Sit & Meet tours, participants receive coffee and a snack at the meeting point in the Amelie bar, where the first sculpture is located. At the beginning of the tour, while drinking coffee, the guide starts the tour with a story about the Croatian coffee culture, introducing the participants to this fascinating culture that suprises every visitor.

4. Sit & Meet will provide you recommendations, local interactions and insights

As the sculptures are located in cafes, restaurants and bistros, each participant has the opportunity to receive unique recommendations for the best places to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, cakes, where to find the best coffee, and which places are the best for beer, cocktails and a night out.

The Sit & Meet guides are well-connected and have insider knowledge of the best places to eat, drink, shop, and explore. They can provide recommendations based on local preferences, helping you discover hidden gems that might not be mentioned in guidebooks. These tips can enhance your overall experience and enable you to have a more authentic and localized adventure.

The Sit & Meet guide will give you his best local recommendations, along with providing you with firsthand information about the history, culture, and daily life of the community. They can provide personal anecdotes, local stories, and insights that you might not find in guidebooks or online resources.

5. Sit & Meet will provide you great photo oportunities

The city of Zagreb may be a place that does not seem to offer many photo opportunities, but if you look a little deeper into the city center, you will discover a lot of places where you can take photos. Photo opportunities are hidden all the way from the Dolac market to Gornji grad.

Sit & Meet allows you to visit the most popular places for photos, which are also the most important attractions of the city of Zagreb. In addition to the attractions, Sit & Meet offers the opportunity to take unique photos of the sculptures, which are definitely worth posting on social networks.

Zagreb offers a handful of opportunities for its visitors, from its rich history and architecture, cultural and artistic scene, lively markets and gastronomy, to the parks and green spaces. You can experience Zagreb on your own, but there is always a better option of choosing a local guide who will take you through their city and give you local recommendations, insights and interactions.

By choosing the Sit & Meet tour, you are choosing not only to see the city of Zagreb, but also to get to know the Croatian coffee culture and 13 great people who lived and created on the territory of Croatia, and who influenced the world with their discoveries and achievements.

About Sit&Meet

Sit & Meet is a project in Zagreb that includes unique walking tours where you can meet Croatian innovators and geniuses for a coffee along with seeing all the famous city sights.

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